Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day: We Will Always Remember!

Thank you to those who served.
Thank you to those who lived and died protecting our nation.
Thank you for giving your life for our freedom.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

In honor of all of our brave men and women,
I have made some activities that young students
can use to help them to remember that it's not just
another day off from school.
The only way our students will understand
why they have the day off is if we tell them.
Thanks for all of these great activities.
....BTW-tell the hubs I said thank you
since he's one of those Veterans you're referring to.

Print out the poster style you like best…
color or black and white,
posters with or without a place
for students to write their names or not.
I made these posters to help us
to never forget the sacrifices
made by our troops!
Thank you to all of the brave men
and women who have given their lives
for our freedoms.

I am also wanting to share
my Memorial Day Puppets with everyone.
They are super easy to make.
Just print, cut, and attach to a popsicle stick
with some tape.

Memorial Day Puppets

Print out the color or
black and white puppets for your students.
Attach them with tape to a popsicle stick.
I made different printing options so that
you can just print out a single soldier
or you can save on paper space
and print out 2 at a time.
Here are some graphic organizers about
Memorial Day for anyone wanting writing sheets.

A+ Memorial Day...Three Graphic Organizers
Have your students write
3 sentences about Memorial Day:
Memorial Day is...
Memorial happens...
Memorial Day honors...

Memorial Day Bubble Maps

Have your students draw a picture
about Memorial Day and then write
three things or three sentences about it.

Here are the same sheets made in
Spanish for any Bilingual Teachers out
there who would like to have their students
writing this week about this special day.
El Día de los Caídos....3 Graphic Organizers

I decided to make ALL of my Memorial Day
products free on TPT so that as many students
as possible will have the opportunity for
remembering our troops.
Thank you. We are in your debt.

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