Sunday, May 25, 2014

Watermelons For What A Year!

I don't know about all of you,
but this has been quite the year!
Have you noticed that
each year keeps becoming
"quite the year" for one reason or another?
In celebration of it soon coming to an end,
let me enjoy that sentence....
"coming to an end"
I decided to share some of my
favorite fruit with all of you!
I love eating watermelon!
Especially when it's cold, and crisp
straight from the fridge
on a hot day!
Those hot days are already starting 
to warm us up in sunny Florida!
And yes, the rest of us are jealous!

When I start thinking about watermelons,
I start thinking about summer....
we now have 11 more days until
that fabulous time of year is finally here!
Wow!  Another year of teaching
and learning coming to an end!
To celebrate this upcoming summer,
I want to share a watermelon
activity with all of you.
This is a knock-off from
Who Took The Cookie
From The Cookie Jar game.
It's a free download on
Teachers Pay Teachers.

Please leave some feedback
if you have a chance....
only if it's NICE feedback.
If it's snarky, complaining,
or mean comments
just keep those to yourself.
Sorry, but I don't want to hear
any of THOSE kind of comments.
I've heard enough of
those type of comments,
policing my Kindergarteners
these past few weeks.
True that!
The kids have been together for 
so long they're comfortable enough
to treat each other like family.
The filters have come off!

It IS the end of the year,
and I've been listening to constant
complaining from my 5 and 6 year old students.
We've been together on a long journey
and some of them are just DONE with
all of the "togetherness" they've had
with some of the other students.
Ma Chérie likes to describe it as
the longest road trip ever!
I love her analogy so much,
I have to share it with you.
Have you ever taken a 2 week road
trip with your family, and by the end of it
ANY little thing is about ready to set someone off?
"He's touching me!"
"She's looking at me funny!"
"He's breathing my air!"
"He's on my side of the seat."
"Are we there yet?"
Welcome to Kindergarten teachers'
end of the year crowd control.
True that sista!

According to my good friend,
Ma Chérie, we've been on a 9 month
road trip.  We're now on the home stretch,
and our little guys are READY
to get out of the car!
"She touched my paper!"
"He took my glue stick!"
"She's touching me in line!"
"He took my pencil!"
"I was there first!"
"That's my paper!"
"She's on my iPad!"

"He's in my carpet square."
Just breathe, 
in a bag if necessary,
while rocking in the nearest corner.
and put it in perspective.
It's just the end of the world's longest
road trip and it will all be over soon!
What would I ever do without
Ma Chérie's words of wisdom
that add some hilarity
to our real world situations?

When you're ready to bark,
"Enough is enough!"
Just take a breath,
bring a watermelon to school
and have some watermelon fun!
1.  Have students sit in a
circle and close their eyes.
2.  Quietly tap one of the students
on the shoulder and pass them
the watermelon picture.
Have that student hide the watermelon picture.
3.  Start the game by saying,
"Who took the watermelon from the watermelon patch?"
4.  Students will raise their hands
if they think they know
who has the watermelon card.
5.  Call on a student to say a name.
6.  Insert that name into the rhyme.
7.  If that student doesn’t have the watermelon,
then they’ll say,”Who me?  …   Couldn’t be!”
Then that student will have to say
the name of someone that they think
has the watermelon after the class says “Then who?”
8.  “_______ took the watermelon from
the watermelon patch!” 
9.  Continue playing until the person
who has the watermelon is discovered:
“Who me?”  “Yes you!”  “You’re right!”
10.  Start the game over and repeat the procedure
until students tire of the activity.
So simple it's genius!!
Thanks for sharing friend!
I have to give it all to you
in easy to print black and white.
If you're anything like me
your printer may be on its
last few drops of ink by this time,
or maybe your ink is completely gone
and you're just waiting until next year for a refill!
A few years ago, all of Ma Chérie's word printing
was done in a very pretty rust color.
I asked her what color font she was using,
and she just looked at me and said,
"That's called being too broke 
to replace my ink cartridge." 
We still giggle over that one!

Here's a really short and cute clip
about watermelons on youtube 
that can be used as a springboard to a writing activity.

It's called Watermelon Magic by BigandDigital:

I hope you're a follower on Teachers Pay Teachers,
because this next one is a Flash Freebie!
It won't last long.  That's a promise!
If you missed it...I'm sorry!
Being a follower on TPT will help you to catch
any future Flash Freebies! 

Watermelon Writing Paper

I just love that watermelon clip so much,
I have to add an additional clip from the
same little girl and her magical way of growing
her watermelons!
 Watermelon Magic uploaded by Spring Garden Pictures:

If you want a different style to use for writing
about could try out my
graphic organizers all about that delicious snack!

A+ Watermelons...Three Graphic Organizers
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This last one is a STEM activity
that I remade recently.  Some teacher
friends wanted to use the Pumpkin Push STEM

Pumpkin Push STEM

in May so I suggested that they could just
substitute another fruit....
oranges, cantaloupe, watermelons.
They really liked the idea of using watermelons,
so I remade the STEM activity using the song

Dang girl!  
Do you ever sleep?
Like ever? 
I'm really hoping that the watermelons
don't bust open when we're rolling them,
but hopefully if we use smaller sized watermelons
we won't have that problem.
Maybe it won't be a problem even if they do....
When life gives you a busted watermelon,
maybe it's just time to sit and have a picnic!
....and celebrate the fact that the end is near!!!


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