Saturday, May 17, 2014


I can't believe that I actually have
800 Followers on Teachers Pay Teachers!
Girrrl, I just peeked and you're up to 816!
Woot woot!
I really appreciate each and every one of you!
Awww, I'm one of them.
 Here is a quick freebie for all my followers
who love TPT as much as I do!
It's just a simple little button pic,
but I like it so much,
I have Queen Chaos
holding it on my store poster

I Love TPT Button Clip Art

You all are the reason
that I can keep 6 gallons
of milk a week in my fridge
for my four kids.
That blows me away!
You need to keep a cow in the back yard.
You are the reason both my boys
were able to get braces.
That's saying a lot!
You are the reason I can afford
my $14.00 hair dye so that I don't
walk around looking like The Bride of Frankenstein
with white streaks through my crazy hair.
Just so you know....I've decided that when I hit
60 I will purposefully place a single white
streak through my hair so that I won't look strange
with jet black hair and wrinkles.
I'm thinking Rogue from X-Men.
Until then,the white hair can be covered,
thank you very much.
Now that's an image!
So, as a big THANK YOU
to all of you fabulous teachers out there...
I am giving away one of my new
writing packets for students to research
an ocean animal and then write about it.
Cha ching...thank you!
I am sharing MY favorite ocean animal
so that students around the world
can write about the heroes of the sea...dolphins.
LOVE them!  I always feel much safer
when I see dolphins around!
If I see dolphins,
I'm at the zoo.
You're so lucky to see them
in your back yard!
Just saying...
Side Note:  Can I just say that I get a big kick out
of seeing people from different countries
visiting our blog? I think that's one of my
favorite parts about blogging.
Seeing people from different countries
visiting us and thinking about my teaching
materials possibly being shared with students
not only in different states,
but around the world is exciting!
I may not own a passport (too expensive),
but my teaching materials are traveling for me!

Back To The Dolphins: 
Well, here you go my cyber friends....
Have you not gotten around to having
your Kindergarteners research and write
about something yet? Uhhhhhhmmmmm.....
can you say: MAY?
Sometimes it's kind of nice to wait until these
little guys can ACTUALLY write before
jumping into this big endeavor--
YES Common Core, you heard me.
About half my class is still only 5!
Seriously!  And what a difference
that makes!  
Oops, did I say that out loud?
Yes you did, and I second it!
Did that just come flying out of my mouth?
Yep! it didn't.
Uh...yes...yes it did!
And every Kindergarten teacher
reading this agrees with you.
I truly believe that requiring students
to write research papers at the age of 5
is developmentally appropriate.
And if you believe that,
I'm dark-complected.
(I'm actually lighter than this screen)
I'm skinny.
(The weight on my license is a bold face lie!)
I'm rich.
(Are you familiar with paycheck to paycheck?)

 Back to my warped reality....
yes, my students are now required to do this
so by golly it's going to look cute for them!
If you read this blog at all....
you KNOW that's my motto!
(And yes, if you're wondering I DO know
that Florida has opted out of Common Core,
but we're still teaching the same stuff...
just under different code names.
Seriously.  Education is a
big, 'ole pendulum swinging back and forth!
  Soooooo, in an around about way,
Common Core is STILL controlling a lot of
what we are teaching in Florida. The state
just gave it a new name so that people
who were against Common Core
won't complain anymore.
Can you say politics?
Madness I tell you.....madness!)

If you're anything like me,
researching about ocean animals
right before summer may be the thing for you!
We've worked really hard ALL year
teaching our kids how to read and how to write,
so now let's send them off with a big bang!

Have your students research about
dolphins by using books and technology,
then use these writing sheets
to help them write their first research paper!

I Can Research: Dolphins
Writing Paper
Dolphins: My First Research Paper
 Choose to print in color or in black and white.
Here' another title page in case
it's NOT your students first research paper.
 You can keep student research
simple by using this single sheet.

 You can have students
answer one question
about dolphins a day,
and then compile all of
their pages into a "book".

 I'm giving you a blank sheet
just in case you have different
questions for students to answer,
or if you just want them to write
about dolphins in general.
 Save on ink and print these
dolphin research pages instead!

 Handwriting lines not the
thing for you?  Try these
simple lined writing sheets for
your students' research papers.

 After making a few sets,
I realized that some students
may need (or want) to extend
their writing.  I decided to make
an additional add-on sheet that
can be used as needed.

If you like the Dolphin Research Writing Sheets,
you may like some other writing sheets
that I've made.

You could have your students
research about sharks and use
this writing paper to
create their research paper.

I Can Research: Sharks Writing Paper

You could have your students
write about stingrays...

I Can Research: Stingrays Writing Paper
Or.....are the big lovable giants
your favorite sea animal?
Are sweet manatees your thing?

I Can Research: Manatees Writing Paper
Or how about whales?
You like whales?
Here you go!

I Can Research: Whales Writing Paper

I can't have my kids miss out on
researching about seahorses.
Let's be real....5 year olds LOVE these little guys!

I Can Research: Seahorses Writing Paper
One of my favorite fans,
who always leaves me such nice notes
in my Q&A Section of TPT (Hi Sharareh!)
asked if I was planning on compiling this set.
Honestly, I'm so spacey,
I hadn't thought about it....
but since she asked for it,
I absolutely must make her smile!
What great customer service!

I Can Research Ocean Animals:
My First Research Project Bundled Set
by Regina Davis

Hoping that your students will
enjoy researching ocean animals
as much as mine do!

And....JUST to let everyone know....
there are only 3 more Mondays before
my year will come to an end.

Summer is calling my name!
Yes it is sista!!

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Erika said...

Love your blog! You speak my Kindergarten teacher language....thanks for the laughs! Have a relaxing summer break... :)

Queen Chaos said... just made my Sunday! Thank you so much for the note! I am so glad that we've been able to make you laugh....that's our help Kindergarten teachers laugh at our crazy lives! 2 more days of Kindergarten clean up and meetings, and then........BLISS!!!!!

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