Sunday, May 4, 2014

Teamwork Makes For A Happy Mother's Day!

Can you finish these phrases?

Mom and ...
Grandma and ...
Boys and ...
Bride and ...
Mr. and ...
Peanut butter and ...
Soup and ...
Stop and ...
Ying and ...
Cat and ...
Up and ....
Right and ...
Rock and ...
Frick and ...
Washer and ....

If you finished 1-5 of these phrases, 
good job! 
You're an observant listener.

If you finished 6-10 of these phrases,
great job! 
You're a wordsmith.

If you finished 11-14 of these phrases,
excellent job!
You're a threat to crosswords everywhere.

If you finished all 15, you're perfect!!
Go tell your family and friends I said so!

It is my hope that Regina
and I become one of those phrases.

Although we both have 
our respective TPT stores,
we just opened one together.
Can I get a woot woot?!
Check it out here.
Fairy Tales And Fiction By 2
We're branching out!
I feel like a small town store that just
opened a new store in the neighboring town.
If you like us even a teeny weeny bit...
if we EVER made you smile...
go and click on the Follow button on TPT.
Share the love!  
Our goal is to create some 
and differentiated
Guided Reading sets.
I hope you like these people!
My eyes are fogging up and twitching over here.

Guided Reading sets are 
going to become our specialty!
We're talking 

lesson plans,
student booklets,
running record forms,
comprehension activities,
and writing papers.
Holy Schnikes, Batman, I'm getting
ALL excited about using these books myself!
My kids are going to LOVE these,
and I'm going to LOVE fact that I 
just have to print and go when it's time
for my guided reading...woo-hoo!  
The best thing of all is that
each set will be on the same topic.
The books will look the same
but the texts will be increasingly
more difficult.
You know what that means?
The kids are none the wiser
that their book is a bit
easier or harder than their buddy's.
If you KNOW that's a HUGE bonus!

Maybe someday you'll hear...

"Who made that really cool emergent reader?"
Regina and Angela

"Where did you get that great comprehension
activity to go with that reader?"
Regina and Angela

"Where did you get that running record sheet?"
Regina and Angela

"Where did you get that complete set
of differentiated readers for your whole class?"
Regina and Angela


Just saying...

BTW-In honor of Moms everywhere
the title of our first set is My Mom.
Why?  Because Moms just don't get the
street cred they deserve!
Can I get an AMEN?!

As a former Stay At Home Mom....
I always stop and
help my students reconsider
when they say:
"My mom doesn't work,
she just stays at home."
My head turns so fast
whenever I hear
this in my classroom,
that I'm surprised
I haven't gotten whiplash yet.
Being a Mom is hard.
Being a Stay At Home Mom
is extremely hard.
Your job never ends.
Kind of like teaching.....Hmmmm.
  Check out our first
set for FREE!
So far we have
My Mom: Guided Reading Level B-2
See all of this great lesson planning?
That's ALL Angela.  I'm the one who says:
"Oooh.....Pretty Picture!
I want it to go right here!"

Here's the next level in our Fab 5 Set.
As you can see...we used the same pics
for most of the book.  The first level
may occasionally have some different pics
since the reading is extremely simplistic.
All 4 other levels will be having the same
pictures throughout the books, the reading
will simply be progressively more difficult.

My Mom: Guided Reading Level D-6
 This writing paper is the same writing paper
at the end of all of the different leveled readers.
They can all read about Mom and they can all write
about matter what level they're on.
We'll be adding 3 more levels
as soon as my eyes stop twitching.

Bonus: If you're following our new
store on TPT, you'll know EXACTLY
when the next 3 Freebies in this
series will be available!

Download away my peeps!

(5 hours later)
Alright...I'm back!
How much do you love me?
Here's the next level:

My Mom: Guided Reading Level G-12 Set

My Mom: Guided Reading Level I-16 Set
Last but not least....
My Mom: Guided Reading Level L-28 Set
You'll notice that the comprehension
activities from level I and L
are similar.  However,
the comprehension questions
from the L-28 book
focus more on setting.
The extended response questions
will also vary based on the higher
reading level of these students.

We hope you find it to be useful
and a major time-saver when
planning your Guided Reading groups.
Good Golly Miss Molly, why didn't we
think of doing these before?
AWESOME doesn't even
begin to describe them.
Just saying.
Humble Reading Teacher
Of 54 Souls
That I Am.


deb said...

I can't find the Mother's Day sentence match. Can anyone help me find it? It's not in the free 42 page Fairy Tales download?

Queen Chaos said...

Hi Deb,
We posted this for free over a year a go and decided to change it to a sale item about 2 months ago. If you send me you email address, I'll send it to you for free since you're on the hunt for it.
:) Regina

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