Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Gift For Johnny Appleseed's Birthday!

In honor of Johnny Appleseed's birthday,
I wanted to share a rendition of the song 
from Walt Disney's American Legends.
I've never heard it.
(Go To's on there, I promise!)

I have always loved the song
Disney has Johnny Appleseed sing,
but I haven't used it in my classroom
because of the word "Lord" in it.  
Love that word, personally, 
but I just don't want to
be on the news for
having my kids singing a
"religious" song in school.
I know, life in the realm of PC
 is getting ridiculous.
I also know that 
John Chapman
 WAS a religious man,
he'd understand 
but I'm still not going to 
teach my kids that song....sorry!  
Bill O'Reilly and Pierce Morgan 
do not need to have me 
on their shows.  
("I just wanted to have my Kindergarteners 
sing a song about Johnny Appleseed, 
America, that's all...I promise!")
You know, TV does
add on an additional 10 lbs...
not something that I (or you)
need  to see!
Hmm....So THAT'S it?!
I've had a camera on me lately.
Aw snap!  Nope that's just me.

Having said all that....
I still LOVE the song,
and there's nothing available
like it...believe me, I've looked! 

So, I  reworded the song, 
made it into a book,
and I'm sharing it with all of you
teachers out there that get stumped
every year looking for age appropriate,
fun material to celebrate 
Johnny Appleseed's Birthday.
(He falls under our Social Studies +
I wanted rhyming words
for my students to practice 
Common Core reading skills.)
Yes, I needed to say that bit, 
because I know that there
are people out there saying, 
"Why are you teaching about 
Johnny Appleseed, anyway?"
So, now, you know why.
I figure that Johnny Appleseed
was one of the early environmentalists.

I hope you enjoy the book/song
which now includes references to the Earth.
Thanks so much for sharing!

 Johnny Appleseed Song: The Earth Is Good To Me
This would be a nice intro for 
Earth Day in April 
now that I think about it.

Introduce it in September and 
revisit it again in April 
when the kiddos are really reading?

BTW....the clip art in the above poster is 
MY Johnny Appleseed clip art
You're so talented.
I can draw a stick figure.
Jealous much? 
(Ok....let me tell you a little secret: 
I can't NATURALLY draw...
I'm just so broke, 
that I've had to just buckle down 
and make things that I want for my classroom.
When I went back to teaching 
after taking a break to be a 
Stay At Home Mom,
my husband made me promise 
that I wouldn't spend my whole paycheck 
on my classroom this time around.)

I used other clip art for the book/song....
I just didn't want to post other 
people's clip art on this post....
Oh, all these internet rules are starting to 
make me wacky!
Disney, please don't sue me...
See my disclaimer?
I don't have enough money
to bail her out of jail.
Just saying... 

(This Is For Educational, Classroom 
Purposes Only: Not For Profit)
I'm just a poor teacher making $500.00 
a month after paying for daycare 
and the gas to get me to school. 
(You know, during a month that has 
5 weeks in it that averages out 
to $20.00 a day....
Holy Schnikes Batman!)
True that!
I just wanted to share with others...
that's OK, right?
It's not what you do that's important,
It's why you do what you do that's important.
You're a teacher helping out
other teachers.  A jury of your
peers would understand.

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