Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Room With A View...

This weekend has been a much needed slice of Heaven!

My husband invited me to meet him in
Daytona for the weekend (with no kids)
and had a mani/pedi/facial/Swedish massage 
waiting for me
You're killing me here.
I was surrounded by cornfields
all weekend.
Both short people were with me
since my other half has
and worked 15 hours on Saturday
and 7 on Sunday!


Jealous much?  Uh, yes!
….ummm…King Common Sense Rocks!
Yes he does!
On behalf of all exhausted teachers

everywhere, we salute you!

I think my husband KNEW that his wife 
was standing on the edge
and that he better act fast!

As I was getting my Swedish massage, 
the masseuse asked if there was another 
area that needed working on.   
I told her that my left arm 
had been out of whack 
since the end of the school year.   
When she started working on it, 
I was lying there moaning 
(not from pleasure, but from pain) 
when she said, 
“This is from an injury, 
what did you do to yourself?”   
I had to think a minute, 
when I remembered that I fell 
right around Spring Break last year 
in my classroom
    —on a Saturday.    

It was a nasty fall, 
and I hit the back 
of my left arm 
on one of my tables.   
I walked around for the next 2 weeks 
with a HUGE black mark 
on the back of my arm.   
As I’m telling her about it, 
she’s looking at me like I’m nuts and says, 
“What would  you do if your child 
came home with a big, ugly black mark? 
You would take them to the doctor 
or even to the hospital, right?”   
Well, yeah….duh!   
(King Common Sense would have my head if I didn't!)

I just figured that I was fine, 
I mean it was bad…
but it never occurred to me that 
I had a real INJURY 
(after all, I could move my arm…slowly
….but I could move it).   

She then said something 
that made me really think.   
She said that people 
always take such good care of their cars, 
but never very good care of themselves.   
Cars only last 5-10 years, 
and then you get a new one.   
Our bodies need to last us 80-90 years, 
so we better take care of them. 
As she was talking, I was thinking…
Yes...I remember giving myself this same talk 
about my teeth and my Coca-Cola habit this past summer.  
 BTW, I still haven’t had a Coke since my root canal...YAY! 
Show off!  (SSSSSSllllllurp goes the Coke
in my glass......just saying.)
Whenever I even THINK about downing one, 
I remember my dentist working on my mouth.   
I literally cringe, 
and I slowly back away 
from the red can!
I'm not listening!

The other thing that my 
“Oh So Wise Masseuse” 
said that made me laugh 
was when she gave me an analogy 
of people on airplane flights.   
Caregivers know that they must put on 
their own safety masks before putting on 
anyone else’s breathing masks.   
This made me giggle, 
because many years ago 
(right out of college)….
I was actually a flight attendant.  
I had no idea my Florida pen pal
was a flight attendant.
Maybe we've already met!
(Only if you flew Continental back in the 90's! 
I was the little, bitty flight attendant 
with masses of black curls. 
"Thank you for flying Continental...
Bye-bye now, hope to see you soon!") 

So yes, 
Mama Masseuse is RIGHT!   
Caregivers DO 
have to put on their own safety masks 
before they are able 
to adequately take care of others!
Or else, we're all going to end up
dead on the floor 
(or at least a little lightheaded, 
and very bruised)!
However, our co-workers all know
how to use the defibrillator.
Just saying....
(Remove the bra...
there are wires in there!)

Here's a little something for all of us teachers 
to think about as we go non-stop 
doing a million things at once!

Thank goodness for my husband, 
who made me slow down 
and do something for myself this weekend!

So, as I’m sitting in our hotel room, 
viewing Daytona’s night life
Must you remind us where you were
this weekend?
I mean really?!

…feeling like jello….
here’s a little recap of my week:

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes:

“I picked my nose, and I need to wash my hands.”

What does odd mean? 
(In reference to The Ugly Duckling)
“It means you’re a freak.”

Let’s think of  nicer words to explain "odd"…
“It means you’re a real geek.”

Kindergarten “Klassics”:
As one student in a center paints 
all over her hand and arm with water paints
 another student decides that licking the playdough
is the best way to make it more pliable…
it was just missing the spit factor.

I began congratulating two students 
for working so quietly in their center…  
 when on closer inspection 
I noticed that they both had 
the alphabet letters stuck in their ears 
(too large to fit in the ear hole, 
but just the right size to squeeze 
into the area of the ear right next to the hole.)

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Look up multi-tasking in the dictionary. There's a picture of a teacher calming one child, disciplining a 2nd child, listening to a 3rd child, all done during attendance...the first 5 minutes of the day.
*AttaGirl Funnies by Angela Furgal AKA Fairy Funtastic*
If you see this pinned somewhere else...know that you saw it here first!

The saving grace of my week:

“I love your class!”

“You are the most beautiful teacher ever!”

After a grueling day at work, 
here's to hoping that ALL teachers 
have their own little slice of Heaven 
to go home to every day!

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