Monday, September 2, 2013

“I’m melting….I’m melting!”

It is so hot, that every day I go home 
one big, hot mess! 
If you're lucky enough to 
be invited to go swimming
at a friend's house after school,
make sure you apologize for
the oil slick you'll create
when you get in the pool.
Gross?  Yes it is!
The only reason that 
Car Duty is better than Bus Duty, 
is that every once in a while 
I get a cool blast of air from
opening a car door. 
I bought popsicles to help cool down
(which I have been sharing with other K teachers...
yes, it is a good thing to be my friend).
At the end of the day one day last week,
(after school duties were complete 
and I was ready to get back to the air conditioning
of my classroom to get some work done)
You lost me at "the air conditioning
of my classroom".
We might not be able to
remain friends. 
I went to grab one of those precious popsicles
out of the freezer in the Teacher's Lounge. 
When I reached in, 
every one of my popsicles 
were completely melted.
Either someone left
the freezer door open, 
or the custodians were defrosting the freezer...
I'm not quite sure which.
I couldn't really focus at the time.
(My eyes were stinging from all of the perspiration 
that had poured into them).  
It doesn't help that I wear 
a daily face cream with SPF 50 
which significantly adds to the stinging of my eyes 
when there is so much sweat running everywhere!
(I made this great discovery just about 2 weeks ago.)
But what's a girl to do?  
Stinging eyes, or permanent sun spots?
Oh the choices we have to make!
Talk about a hot, tired Kindergarten teacher
who was seriously melting from the heat,
ready to have a meltdown 
of a completely different sort!
Been there, done that!
Needless to say, 
I left school right at 3:45pm that day.
WHAT?!  In 20 years, I don't 
think I have EVER done that.
Unless you count the times I left,
and then came back. 
If you're not a teacher, 
you don't realize how significant that is...
it seriously NEVER happens. 
Yes, I know our contract says 
that we'll work from 8:15 am-3:45 pm, but really? also says we 'only' work
August to June.
Yah right!  And I'm 
dark complected and skinny.
(I realize you don't know
what I look like, but I am neither of those!)
What teacher out there, 
actually fits everything in during that time?
Wherever she is,
she needs to let the rest of us
in on her secrect.
Just saying.... 
I’ve contemplated purchasing one of those
 neck ice packs that people wear to mow their lawns, 
but there’s only so much fashion faux pas even I can handle!

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: 'Teaching in the August heat and humidity was so comfortable.' said no teacher ever.
*AttaGirl Funnies by Angela Furgal AKA Fairy Funtastic*
If you see this pinned somewhere else...know that you saw it here first!

Every Kindergarten teacher I know, 
takes 2 showers a day.   
We shower twice a day, not only in the heat….
but ALL YEAR LONG (August to June).  
There’s nothing like going home 
and washing all of the Kindergarten gunk off of you!
Kindergarten Teacher = Germaphobe
Of this, I am NOT ashamed.
I may have a landfill named after me
with my share of Clorox wipes
but I'm Ok with that.
Dirty shoes on your lap for tying, 
snot on your shirt from hugs, 
sneezes and coughs splattered throughout.  
 But hey, what are you supposed to do?   
Not give a 5 year old a hug anymore 
because they might give you a cold?  
 I don’t think so…
that could be my child out there one day, 
and what goes around comes around.
(Hah! Did I just make a pun?)

Whatever happened to starting school 
AFTER Labor Day? 
 Let’s see, that would make it 
the first day of school this Tuesday!   
Congrats to all of you out there
who are starting up…and...Stay Cool!
...and yes, I'm jealous!

These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind!  
 It has been great getting back to school, 
but I have made some mistakes….

Let’s see, has anyone ever squirted 
soap into a student’s hand thinking 
that it was hand sanitizer?   

Yup, that happened. 
I grabbed the container, squirted, and then thought, 
“Um….why is this soooo thick?”   
We were leaving the classroom for lunch, 
and I always squirt the hand sanitizer 
on my students’ hands as they walk out my door.  
 I had to quickly stop the line and 
hurry my Line Leader to the sink to wash his hands
(trying to stay on time for that to-the-minute lunch period). 
I feel your pain sista!
I also used up too many of my print-outs one day.  
 I was showing my students how to draw a character 
(do people realize that most Kindergarteners 
don't know how to draw, and that we have to teach them that
 in addition to everything else on the Common Core list?)
...I digress...
Draw?  Let's not assume they all know
how to hold a writing utensil correctly!
Common Core needs to
look up the definition of
developmentally appropriate.
Once I realized that I was now one copy short for my class,
I quickly cut out the center of the copy I used 
to demonstrate and glued the outer edges
 around a blank piece of paper.   
I then presented it as an 
extra-special paper with a “stage”
in the center for the character.   
One of my boys quickly grabbed up 
that prize very happy indeed with my “mistake”.
One person's junk,
is another person's treasure!
Wishing that if you make a mistake...
it is only a  Minor Mistake With Quick Fixes 
these first few weeks of Kindergarten!
….And remember:
Air Conditioning Is Our Friend!  
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