Friday, September 27, 2013

Christopher Columbus Flash Freebie For Followers!

This is a Freebie for all of our followers out there!
It will only be posted for a day or two and, then....
POOF! It will be gone!
Well, not really GONE.....
you can still find it on Teachers Pay Teachers for sale.
 (Click On The Link Above)
But who wants to pay for something 
when you can get it for free?
Certainly not teachers!
We're all too often "low on funds."
Unless, of course, you're wanting to support a 
fellow teacher who brings home only $500.00 a month 
(then spend to your heart's content).  
After writing that down on a previous post.....
it really is quite shocking 
(why am I slaving...I mean working...again?).   
And in case you're wondering...
YES!  I am a public school teacher.
 Click On The Link Above...
Will be posted for free for only for a few days!
I have to say that my kiddos 
LOVED using this 
Christopher Columbus Retelling set.
I made this for my class last year, 
and my students worked really hard
on making their maps and historical figures
to use for retelling the story of how he crossed the sea.
They were so excited about it!
I actually got quite a few complimentary comments 
from parents who were shocked at the details 
their children could remember.
I tell you this, not to brag, 
but just to give you a heads up!
This activity was great all around!
Good to know my friend.

WARNING:  It does take plan accordingly!
It took a good 2 hours last year,
but the results were well worth the time.
My students were reading the words,
they were participating in story recall,
they were retelling a historical event,
and they were practicing 
the much needed fine motor skill of cutting...
all rolled up into one activity!
Take that Common Core!
And they LOVED  it!
(I think I said that already....
but that part IS the most important!)
Oh, the joy of teaching!
...engaging, teaching, and helping
grow short people.  
Yep, that's why we make the big bucks!

Thanks for sharing!

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Wintaka said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful resource. I just found your blog and now I am a follower. I am excited. You are going to be so helpful to my teaching.

Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome! Thank you for the comment....I think that teachers helping other teachers is what it's all about!
--Happy Teaching!

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