Friday, September 13, 2013

Ode To My Doodie.....Oops! I mean "Duty"

I have at least one doodie
At school every day.
My doodies come and my doodies go
From August to May.
You just said three times.
Can't wait to read the rest!

I have doodies in the morning
After I rush to be on time...
Instead of having time to prepare
To have my classroom peaceful and sublime.
The words "peaceful and sublime"
have NEVER described
a Kindergarten classroom....
....just saying.

My doodies in the afternoon 
Make me all sweaty and hot.
Doodies can be hard to deal with...
Easy they are not!

 Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride

Doodies may be bumpy
And a little rough!
You just have to bear with it,
Even though it may be tough!

Some teachers may have doodies
During their time for lunch.
They will have to do their doodie 
While they crunch, crunch, munch!

Sometimes I can't make my doodie
And my friends are there for me.
They do my doodie for me,
And they do it gladly.

Doodies here and doodies there
Doodies, doodies everywhere!
In the morning, after school,
In the lunch room...on a stool!

Oh me, oh my...
Oh what is this?
My spelling checker
Went amiss?
he he he he he

"Duty" is what I meant to say...
We all have duties every day!
Happily we will  do our share,
To give our students daily care!



*AttaGirl Funnies by Angela Furgal AKA Fairy Funtastic*
If you see this pinned somewhere else...know that you saw it here first!

Please forgive my bathroom humor.
I AM around 5 year olds all day,
Forgive it?  Girl we live it! 
and like many of you Kindergarten teachers out there....
I have seriously had my fair share of doodie incidents!
The thought of this play on words 
just made me laugh out loud to myself
as I was driving to school today!
And believe me....I needed a good laugh!

Doodie Facts or Fiction?

1.  I once had about 7 doodie pellets lined up 
in a walking path through my classroom 
(Hansel and Gretel style).
That would be how we always
know 'we're not alone' 
in our classroom.
(Gotta go buy some cheese!)
I'm not talking about mouse sized doodie....
Use your imagination......
That. is. gross!

2.  I once had doodie smeared all over my classroom restroom.
Wait a minute!  You have a classroom toilet?!
You don't get to experience the joy of

having 22 children all line
up in the hall for a turn
at one of just a handful of toilets?
You don't get to see them crawl
on the urine soaked floor to unlock
a stall?
....oh and the magical 
sinks and the oh so 
magical paper towel dispenser.
That thing will dispense paper towels
to the floor if you keep yanking on it.
You haven't lived until you've
experienced a bathroom break like that!
3.  One day, my students told me that there was "poo" 
in the bathroom.  I ended up being the lucky one who
got to pick it up (and it was not small), 
put it in the toilet, 
and quickly clean the bathroom 
before another "accident" happened. 
(Yes, I know that we  have custodians, 
but I couldn't wait the 15+ minutes
 it would take them to get to my classroom.
I had a room full of Kindergarteners needing that toilet, 
and needing it fast!  
When a 5 year old says they have to "GO!", 
they are NOT playing around!)
Necessary? Yes. Disgusting? Beyond!
Ok.  So maybe having a toilet 
in your classroom isn't 
all that glamorous after all.

4.  I clean my classroom toilet daily EACH time before I use it. 
My oldest used to HATE
going to the restroom at school. 
She complained that the boys 
in her classes would always leave a mess.
So....with my daughter in mind 
(this is the mommy in me), 
I specifically use my  classroom restroom 
and I make sure that it's clean
so that my girl students have a decent place to "go".

ALL doodies in my classroom have NEVER been claimed.  
The perpetrators have never been found.
It is a complete mystery to one and all.
Who are the doodie offenders?????
Seriously, I don't even want to know.

Hoping that this puts at least a small smile 
on your face the next time that you have a "duty"...
and I am REALLY hoping that it is not a 
Doodie Duty!
(Yes, Common Core, there ARE multiple meanings 
of words that sound alike!) 

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